Know Your Domain Rights

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By , January 18, 2014

Yesterday we wrote a guest piece for Techdirt that lamented the current “ad-hoc regulatory” landscape in the domain name industry.

We use the phrase “ad hoc” because given our experiences with both foreign law enforcement agencies and private lobby groups, they are issuing increasingly onerous “takedown” demands upon domain registrars with a complete lack of legal basis.

We recently won a ruling where we were able to free up a number of domain names were suspended and locked down (prevented from transferring out) through a complete absence of due process.

No sooner had the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) handed down their ruling, which upheld our arguments that we received a letter from a pharmacy lobby group “directing us to adopt practices and policies” which were not only in direct contravention of the current rules governing domain registrars, but also contradicted the fresh NAF ruling. Read more »