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Where can I register a domain with Ethereum?

By , February 16, 2019

Right now the only ICANN accredited registrar accepts ethereum payments is easyDNS.

You can also register .XYZ domains with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) enabled.


How to find out who your Tucows reseller / domain provider is

By , October 27, 2017

Tucows is the second largest domain registrar in the world, however most of their domain registrants deal with them through resellers.

If you have a problem with your domain that requires Registrar assistance, you are supposed to go through your reseller.

If you don’t know who your reseller is, Tucows offers this utility to find out:

Where can I register a domain name using Bitcoin?

By , April 12, 2013

At the time of writing there are only two ICANN accredited domain registrars in the world who accept Bitcoin payments:

1) easyDNS (Canada)

2) Namecheap (USA)




How the Domain Expiry Cycle Works

By , October 29, 2010

One of the more confusing aspects around domain names is how they are released back into the pool of available names once they expire. People mistakenly believe that if a domain name expires on such-and-such a date, then they will be able to just hop on the computer and register it again the next day, or later the same day.

Not so.

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How to link multiple domains to a website

By , April 24, 2010

Nick from the U.K asks:

My company recently purchased a couple domains and we want those to link to our current website. Eg. will transfer to instantly. How can I do this?

Many Thanks,

This is similar to an earlier post How do I point “” at “” or vice-versa?, but since we’re going across multiple domains, we should also think about a couple additional issues.

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Steps involved in a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain transfer (and now .CA as well)

By , April 22, 2010

(These steps in transferring a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain to a new registrar also apply to .BIZ and .INFO or any domain within a Top Level Domain that runs on EPP)

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The steps involved in a .CA domain transfer

By , April 22, 2010

Please Note: As of October 2010 the .CA Registry has changed to using the EPP Registry Protocol.

As such, the .CA Transfer process is now very similar to the process for transferring for .com, .net or .org domains.

  • Get the Auth Code for your domain from the “losing registrar side”
  • Initiate the transfer on the gaining side.

Contrary to .COM/.NET/.ORG transfers, the .CA transfer also happens instantly.

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What is a domain's auth code and why do I need it?

By , April 22, 2010

Domains in the .com, ,net, .org, .biz and .info TLDs (aka .CNOBI) use a registry protocol called “EPP” to communicate between the registrars and registry.

Under this protocol, a domain “auth code” is a small random code assigned to each domain name and is required in order for a domain name to be transferred from one registrar to another.

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