Steps involved in a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain transfer (and now .CA as well)

By , April 22, 2010

(These steps in transferring a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain to a new registrar also apply to .BIZ and .INFO or any domain within a Top Level Domain that runs on EPP)

In these explanations “losing registrar” means the domain registrar the domain is currently using before the domain transfer, the “gaining registrar” is the domain registrar you are transferring the domain to.

Here are the steps:

  • On the losing registrar side: make sure the registrar lock or transfer lock is turned off or disabled. When this lock is turned on, any transfer request will automatically fail (normally it is wise to have this lock turned on).All registrars are required to either A) unlock the transfer-lock at your request or B) provide a mechanism to enable you to do it yourself.Make sure the lock is off before you do the next step.
  • Initiate the transfer request from the gaining registrar side.
  • Obtain the domain auth code from the losing registrar side. All domains have an associated auth-code which is required to effect a transfer.
  • The gaining registrar is required to obtain a valid confirmation from the domain name’s existing administrative contact that the transfer request is valid. You will need the auth-code obtained in the previous step to authorize the transfer to proceed.

At this point, unless the transfer is explicitly negated on the losing registrar side within 5-days, the domain transfer will take place.

You can speed up the transfer if you have the ability to explicitly confirm the transfer request on the losing registrar side.

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