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Guaranteed Lookup Privacy, Absolutely No "Front Running"

Lookup "Front Running" is the practice of data mining end user queries for domains of interest, domains that YOU are looking for which haven't been registered yet, and then turning around and either selling off that data to somebody who scoops your name or we register it ourselves.

We guarantee that never happens here.

We have been operating easyWHOiS since 1999. It started as a utility for own customers (we are easyDNS Technologies Inc., the DNS host and domain registrar since 1998) and eventually took on a life of its own.

Today easyWHOiS is cited in college textbooks and used all over the world, even other domain registrars and web hosts refer their customers to it or use it internally for their own domain lookups.

We can warrant with confidence that:

Stating it for the record,

Mark Jeftovic - President & CEO, easyDNS Technologies Inc.

For further reading about Domain Lookup Front Running, see the SSAC advisory issued by ICANN.